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Project content (3 days and 2 nights)

Budai-Magong round trip ticket
A locomotive for two people on the island for 3 days and 2 nights
(no oil)
​Penghu Aquarium Ticket (one per person)



​                $1900/人




​                $2190/人


1. Pick up and drop from the terminal to the car dealer

2. Super practical map of Penghu

3. Duty-free shop card

​4. 10% discount coupon for Penghu local specialty products store


1. The ship to which the Chiayi BU-DAI round-trip ticket belongs is made up of three shipping companies: Mangyosung, Kaixuan and Taijizhixing.

Joint operation is adopted, so companies and ships cannot be designated, and are designated by the joint operation center.

2. All motorcycles on this island do not contain fuel, and one is arranged for two people. If a single person rides a bicycle, the price difference is $400/person.
​3. Elders over 65 years old or children under 12 years old can deduct $200/person for departure on weekdays and peak days, and $500/person for departure on holidays
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