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Take a boat to watch the fireworks

(Limited period of happiness)

Watching the sky full of fireworks with you at sea is my happiest moment.

you are the most important person in the world.

Happiness conventions: the South  Sea Visitor Center 
Chick-in Time: 20:00 
Departure time: 20:30 
NTD 300/P



Arrange a boat trip to the sea this year

Enjoy the different sea fireworks.

The most romantic thing I can think of,

​Is to watch the fireworks together with you.


2021  Fireworks Festival cast date is 4 / 22-6 / 28 (Every Monday and Thursday) set sail at 20:30 / 21:30 return.

Passengers who are prone to seasickness are advised to seek a professional pharmacy to purchase seasickness medicine before sailing.

Insurance is subject to the contents of the shipping company’s announcement.

If you are unable to report on time or have uncompleted projects, it will be deemed to have been automatically abandoned and no refunds will be made. Please be aware.

You must wear a life jacket all the way to the sea.

​It will be cold if you take a boat out to sea at night, so please bring a light jacket for emergency.

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